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Jeffries Veggie & Garden Soil – 30L bag

$11.00 inc. GST
Jeffries Veggie & Garden Soil is perfect for… you guessed it… veggie and garden beds. Particularly good for raised beds,

Peats Organic Potting Mix – 22 Litre

$6.00 inc. GST
An excellent general purpose potting mix.

Organic Loam – Per Tonne

$58.00 inc. GST
Organic loam is a combination of 80% Sandy Loam and 20% organic matter (aged mushroom compost , grape marc, cow manure). All organics composted for 12 months. Can be used for for a top dressing on existing lawn or base for new lawn. Can also be used in garden beds
> Price per Tonne 
> Approx. 1.5 tonne = 1m3  

Organic Veggie Mix – Per Tonne

$87.00 inc. GST
Purpose built for establishment of vegetable beds and plots. Rich blend of organic soils and organic compost. > Price per tonne 
> Approx. 1.1 tonne = 1m3 

Sandy Loam 80/ 20 – Per Tonne

$41.50 inc. GST
Sandy Loam with 20% heavier imported loam used for bedding seed lawn and top dressing lawns with great water retention.
> Price per Tonne 
> Approx. 1.5 tonne = 1m3  

Jeffries Special Soil – Per Tonne

$98.00 inc. GST
Rich in organic matter and free-draining
Improved soil structure allowing better water infiltration and increased soil aeration
Improved moisture holding capacity, reducing water consumption and cost
A gradual release of nutrients
Beneficial micro-organisms that support healthier, sustained growth
As a topsoil to establish new garden beds
To top up existing garden beds
Outdoor areas where topsoil has been depleted
In place of a standard sandy loam when you want added benefits from organic matter
Underneath new instant lawn
> Price per tonne 
> Approx. 1 tonne = 1m3