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Jeffries Veggie and Garden Soil

$11.00 inc. GST

Jeffries Veggie & Garden Soil is perfect for… you guessed it… veggie and garden beds. Particularly good for raised beds, this soil mix resists compaction and is high in organic matter.

Made in South Australia from a blend of  recycled organic materials, including shredded bark, tree prunings, and lawn clippings.  This beautiful rich soil contains Blood & Bone and Jeffries Organic Compost which has been through a controlled process of natural aerobic composting. The right amount of washed, course sand is then mixed in to maintain an ideal open structure. Key Benefits
  1. Significantly increases water retention
  2. Highest level of organic matter of all Jeffries soils, retaining moisture where it is needed most.
  3. Added Blood & Bone
  4. Open structure meaning it is a free-draining mix and resists compaction (often a problem in raised garden beds)
  5. Provides plants with vital organic nutrients
  6. Promotes healthy root establishment and growth
  7. Certified Organic to NASAA standards
  1. For raised garden beds
  2. For veggie patches
  3. For large tubs and planter boxes
  4. For courtyard gardens and fernerie

Organic Loam

$58.00 inc. GST

Organic loam is a combination of 80% Sandy Loam and 20% organic matter (aged mushroom compost , grape marc, cow manure). All organics composted for 12 months. Can be used for for a top dressing on existing lawn or base for new lawn. Can also be used in garden beds

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Organic Veggie Mix – Per Tonne

$87.00 inc. GST
Purpose built for establishment of vegetable beds and plots. Rich blend of organic soils and organic compost. Price per tonne

Sandy Loam 80/ 20 – Per Tonne

$41.50 inc. GST
Sandy Loam with 20% heavier imported loam used for bedding seed lawn and top dressing lawns with great water retention. Price per tonne

Jeffries Special Soil – Per Tonne

$98.00 inc. GST
  • Rich in organic matter and free-draining
  • Improved soil structure allowing better water infiltration and increased soil aeration
  • Improved moisture holding capacity, reducing water consumption and cost
  • A gradual release of nutrients
  • Beneficial micro-organisms that support healthier, sustained growth
  • As a topsoil to establish new garden beds
  • To top up existing garden beds
  • Outdoor areas where topsoil has been depleted
  • In place of a standard sandy loam when you want added benefits from organic matter
  • Underneath new instant lawn
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