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Peats Light and Dark Mulch – Per 0.5m3

$37.80 inc. GST
Peats Light/Dark Mulch is a combination of graded pine bark and pine chip creating a dark/light appearance. IDEAL USAGE
  1. Ground cover mulch for domestic and commercial.
Description PROPERTIES
  1. Retains soil moisture
  2. Retards weeds
  3. Neat contrasting appearance
  1. Recommended to be applied at a depth of 75mm.
  1. Long lasting
  2. Suppresses weed growth
  3. Ideal for water retention in soils
  4. Insulates plants against extreme temperature fluctuation
  5. Slow release of organic nutrients into soil for sustained plant growth
  6. Superior matting property making it ideal for slopes and windy condition

sold by 0.5 cubic metre

Peats Cottage Mulch – Per 0.5m3

$32.85 inc. GST
Arguably, SA’s most loved mulch for home gardeners. It brings your garden to life. Peats original Cottage Mulch is a combination of milled pine chip and a fine Garden Compost – which effectively produces a product rich in natural nutrients plus the properties of a quality ground cover mulch. Application Recommended to be applied to a depth of 75mm.
  • Unit sold by= 0.5 m3